Avago Technologies Limited (Avago) has introduced brightest 5 mm through-hole (TH) round LED lamps for use in a variety of electronic sign and signal (ESS) applications. Avago’s HLMP-ELxx/EGxx series of competitively priced super bright red and amber LEDs feature low forward voltage for energy efficiency while delivering high performance, reliability and a smooth consistent radiation pattern.

Typical applications include highway variable message signs, and passenger information signs used in airports, railway and bus stations. Other targeted applications include stadium scoreboards and solar powered sign applications. Avago is a supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications.

The HLMP-ELxx/EGxx series, which can be used for either indoor or outdoor electronic signs, are precision optical performance LEDs that deliver superior light output for excellent readability in sunlight and are extremely reliable. Available in viewing angles of 15-, 23-, and 30-degrees, these new super bright TH lamps are available in untinted, T-1 ¾ packages that produce a well defined spatial radiation pattern at specific cone angles. Moreover, Avago’s HLMP-ELxx/EGxx series are made with an advanced optical grade epoxy to provide superior high temperature and high moisture resistance performance in outdoor ESS applications. In addition, the epoxy material used in these super bright HLMP-ELxx/EGxx LEDs contains ultra-violet-a/b inhibitors to help reduce the degrading effects of long term exposure to direct sunlight.


High luminous output.

Forward voltage: 2.1 – 2.4V.

Available in Red (626 nm), Amber (590 nm) colors.

High reliability package.

Package options: with or without lead-standoff.

Operating temperature: -40 to +100 degrees-C.

Maximum junction temperature: + 130-degrees-C.

Typical mcd: o HMLP-EGxx: 16,000 and o HMLP-ELxx: 7,200.

Superior moisture resistance.

Pb-Free and RoHS compliant.