The government of Australia's Victoria state and South Australia have outlined plans to build two large-scale energy storage projects, with a combined capacity of 200MW.

In Victoria, the state government said it plans to invest an additional A$20m to fund the construction of the 100MW grid-connected battery project.

As part of this effort, Victoria is now seeking bids for the deployment of 100MW of storage capacity from technologies including batteries, pumped hydro or solar thermal, by 2018.  

The new funds bring the state’s total commitment to energy storage to A$25m.

Victoria Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio said: “This investment is about using all the technology available to us to ensure the security and reliability of our energy supply, while creating jobs.”

Additionally, the South Australian government unveiled its $550m energy plan, which includes the construction of 100MW battery, aimed at increasing security and boost competition.  

The government said that the energy plan will be backed by its newly-created $150m Renewable Technology Fund.

Planned to be built, operated and maintained by private sector, the grid-connected battery is planned to be operational in time for summer 2017.

In addition to helping in storing renewable energy, the battery is expected to increase competition in the local energy market.

The South Australia’s energy plan, which is expected to create at least 630 new jobs, also involves construction of a government-owned 250MW gas-fired power plant with an investment of $360m.

South Australia Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis said: “We can’t rely on this broken national market any longer.

“Our plan will deliver increased local generation and powers to help prevent outages and more competition to put downward pressure on power prices for families and businesses.”

Image: Australia intends to increase energy security and boost competition. Photo: courtesy of nirots/