Atlantis Energy has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with French firm Ideol to develop a floating offshore wind project of up to 1.5GW in the UK.

A pre-commercial phase of up to 100MW is expected to be commissioned by 2021.

Under the MoU, Atlantis will be responsible for the review, selection and consenting of the possible UK sites. 

Ideol will be the designer of the technical concepts and the exclusive provider of the floating wind foundations for the upcoming projects.

The company is working on the 2MW Floatgen demonstration floating wind turbine in the French Atlantic coast, which is anticipated to be to commission this year.

Earlier this month, Atlantis said it would set up a non-tidal stream unit focused on interconnectors, pumped storage, lagoon, barrage and floating offshore wind opportunities.

Atlantis CEO Tim Cornelius said: “This MoU is a significant step in our diversification strategy and leverages our existing skill set accumulated during the progression of our tidal portfolio. To now be seeking to develop a large floating offshore wind project alongside the UK’s largest tidal stream project is truly exciting.

“We want to leverage Ideol’s expertise in designing, engineering, building and installing floating offshore wind substructures to bring UK consumers affordable, sustainable and secure power.”

Ideol CEO Paul de la Guérivière said: “With two full-scale demonstrators currently under construction in France and in Japan, as well as a pre-commercial wind farm under permitting in the French Mediterranean, Ideol and its patented damping pool technology are at the forefront of a cost competitive and rapidly accelerating floating offshore wind industry.

“Our strategic goal is now focusing on the development of large commercial scale wind farm projects with several opportunities currently under review in and outside of Europe.

Image: Atlantis Resources and Ideol partner to develop floating offshore wind solutions in UK. Photo: Courtesy of Xedos4/