Ascent Resources, an oil and gas exploration and production company, through its subsidiary PetroHungaria, has completed the PEN-101 sidetrack, part of the Peneszlek Project, in the Nyirseg exploration permits of eastern Hungary.

The PEN-101 sidetrack will produce gas from the Miocene tuffaceous gas formation, the target of which was defined by 3-D seismic in 2008. The well was originally drilled in February 2010 to a total depth of 1500mt.

However, during completion, an acid stimulation treatment had broken through a repair to the cement isolation behind the steel casing and allowed water production from a deeper formation.

The sidetrack was drilled to overcome this problem and the well has now been completed and perforated, with gas flowed on a short test. Once the rig has been demobilized from the location, the PEN-101 well will be acidized and connected to the adjacent production facility where the PEN-105 gas is already processed.