Canada-based oil production and exploration company Aroway Energy has announced an oil pool discovery at the Kirkpatrick Lake.

Aroway has filed a Good Production Practice (GPP) application with the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) regarding the new discovery.

On discovering the oil pool, the company is mandated to apply for GPP to justify its production strategy and rates to the satisfaction of the regulator that it will recover maximum oil and gas from the pool.

The well was initially tested at a rate of greater than 240 barrels of equivalent per day (boepd) and is currently restricted to a production rate of 50boepd.

Upon receiving approval of GPP Aroway can resume production at a rate determined by good production practices.

Aroway Energy president and CEO Chris Cooper said the new oil pool discovery validates that the Kirkpatrick Lake property is a new core area for the company.

"The ERCB standard practice for new oil pool discoveries is to restrict production, and upon our GPP application being approved we will resume production at significantly higher rates," Cooper added.

"Furthermore, the success at the recent land sale is very strategic for us to build a larger footprint in the area in addition to adding new drill prospects to our inventory in the area."

In addition to the oil discovery, Aroway Energy has acquired a part of 640 acres of land adjoining its 100% owned and operated Kirkpatrick Lake producing assets.

The new section of land is expected to be a strategic step to further the company’s growth of the new core area, KirkPatrick Lake.