Arizona Western College (AWC), Main Street Power, a national solar financier, developer PPA Partners, local utility Arizona Public Service (APS), and EPC Rosendin Electric have started work on a 5MW solar project in Arizona, US .

The system, to be located on Arizona Western College (AWC) campus, will be owned and operated by Main Street Power, in partnership with its long-term financing partner MS Solar Solutions, a fully owned subsidiary of Morgan Stanley.

Main Street Power, in collaboration with its long-term financing partner MS Solar Solutions, will own and operate the solar system.

APS Renewable Energy Incentive program facilitated the solar installation and Rosendin Electric designed and installed the solar project.

The technologies include concentrating photovoltaic from SolFocus and GreenVolts; thin film panels from Sharp Solar; Monocrystalline panels from Solar World, Poly Crystalline panels from Suntech and single-axis trackers from O Solar.

The power project is expected be completed by October 2011, and has signed a 30-year power purchase agreement with Main Street Power.