Will the contract help Areva to lead in the Swiss market for the supply of casks?

Areva, a provider of technological services for nuclear power generation, and the Swiss electric utility KKL have signed a contract aimed at providing KKL with casks for the interim storage of spent nuclear fuel from the Leibstadt power plant in Switzerland.

Areva said that, the contract is to be applied for the duration of the power plant’s operation, resulting in spent fuel being removed, with these operations to continue until 2049.

According to the terms of the contract, Areva will provide KKL with 15 casks, and the customer is entitled to exercise options for additional casks every 10 years. The contract could thus potentially amount to over E130 million.

Catherine Weber-Guevara, executive vice president of Areva’s Logistics Business Unit, said: “This contract shows Areva’s positioning as worldwide leader in the nuclear fuel cycle. It is testament to the group’s ability to innovate and provide its customers with bespoke solutions for operating their sites and managing their spent fuel.”

Areva claims to have designed and supplied transportation and interim storage casks to customers throughout the world for over 45 years. The group provides nuclear material transportation for the entire fuel cycle.