APTwater and Air Products have signed a joint marketing agreement to develop advanced water treatment projects by using APTwater's HiPOx advanced oxidation process (AOP) technology.

APTwater’s HiPOx process technology is used for water, wastewater treatment and water disinfection.

HiPOx is the premier technology for advanced disinfection and destruction of trace pharmaceuticals, endocrine disrupting compounds and other organic pollutants for beneficial water reuse applications.

APTwater CEO David Stanton said that with the help of joint marketing agreement, both the companies can team on a project by project basis.

"APTwater will be promoting HiPOx to the North American municipal market directly and through the development of a new manufacturer’s representative network, a right previously held exclusively by Air Products," Stanton said.

"Air Products will have an exclusive right to promote HiPOx for its onsite wastewater treatment offering provided to industrial clients worldwide."

APTwater is a provider of water treatment process technologies and services.