Arizona Public Service (APS), an electric utility firm, will install two 4MWh Advancion battery storage systems in the rural Punkin Center, Arizona, US.

The battery storage systems are expected to avoild rebuilding about 20 miles of transmission and distribution poles and wires

For the project, APS will use the Advancion batteries, which will be supplied by AES Energy Storage.

 The construction of the project will commence in the end of 2017 and the battery storage systems are scheduled to become operational in early 2018.

 Currently, APS uses batteries to store excess solar power and for storing energy to use at peak times. But the core function of the new battery storage system is the basic grid operation, 

The battery project will have a capacity to generate sufficient energy to meet the demand of 600 people.

APS transmission and distribution technology innovation and integration director Scott Bordenkircher said: “Over the next 15 years, APS has plans to add 500 megawatts of storage capacity. This project is indicative of the type of smart grid APS envisions for customers, one that enables people to have more technology in their own homes.”

“We are watching as the prices come down on battery technology. Thoughtful implementation of battery storage is key to its future success. For a community like Punkin Center, the rural location, reduced implementation costs and added technological benefits make it the perfect candidate for this technology.”, Bordenkircher added.

As part of the Solar Partner Program, APS installed two AES battery storage units in the West Valley in December 2016.

APS, which generates clean, safe and reliable electricity, provides power to over 2.7m people across 11 counties of Arizona.

Image: The two 4MWh Advancion batteries are made by AES Energy Storage. Photo courtesy of Business WIre.