UK-based upstream monitoring products designer and manufacturer AnTech has introduced a new, compact sized model of Type C wellhead outlet to continuously monitor downhole pressure and temperature in permanent completions.

The new wellhead outlet was designed in response to demand for a compact model that uses a threaded wellhead connection, such as NPT or Autoclave.

A wellhead outlet connects the downhole cable to the surface telemetry system and is attached to the wellhead to provide a safe connection between the cables and seal against downhole pressure.

The configuration ensures that integrity of the wellhead is maintained and electrical connections are secured even if the downhole cable is flooded.

AnTech sales manager Tim Mitchell said the new model will help the company offer reliable way to ensure that cable and seal are safely connected.

"We developed the Type C Wellhead Outlet especially for those who use threaded ports. Because it is custom-designed for smaller wellheads and is so economical, it is the ideal solution for this market," Mitchell added.

The Type C is certified for use in hazardous areas, meet the NACE standards, and has been successfully pressure-tested in keeping with API 6A and requirements.