Brazilian electricity regulator Aneel has announced that it will be tendering concessions to construct and operate eight hydro power projects for a period of 35 years. This will take place through an auction on 28 June 2001 on the Rio de Janiero stock market.

Bidding rules are available at the Aneel website (see web link) and the pre-qualification will take place on 22 May. The projects are:

•Fundao and Santa Clara (238MW), on the river Jordao in Parana state.

•Corumba III (93.6MW) on the river Corumba in Goias state.

•Sao Jeronimo (331MW) on the river Tibagi in Parana state.

•Bau I (110MW) on the river Doce in Minas Gerais state.

•Foz do Chapeco (840MW) on the river Uruguai in Santa Catarina state.

•Serra do Facao (210MW) on the river Sao Marcos in Goias state.

•Peixe Angical (450MW) on the river Tocantins in Tocantins state .

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