Andritz Hydro is to deliver and install all the hydro-mechanical equipment at the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric facility in Labrador, Canada, following the award of a contract from developer Nalcor Energy.

The new order is in addition to a contract awarded to Andritz early last year for the supply of four Kaplan turbines and four synchronous generators each with a minimum output of 206MW to the project.

Equipment to be supplied under the new contract includes 105m wide, 23m high roller gates, stop-logs and a 75m wide, 25m high tower for the mechanical drives for five spillway bays. Andritz will also deliver twelve trashracks, intake gates (6.5m wide, 20m high), mechanical drives and stop-logs for the powerhouse. The hydro-mechanical equipment has a total weight of 9,000 tons, and is due to be commissioned in 2017.

The Muskrat Falls development, along with the 2250MW Gull Island project, is part of a large plan to develop the lower Churchill River.

Photo: Muskrat Falls hydroelectric facility in Canada (Credit: Nalcor Energy)