Applied Micro Circuits Corporation (AMCC) said that its 3ware storage division has been selected by Synectics Security Networks (Synectics), a subsidiary of Synectic Systems Group Ltd., to provide SATA II RAID controllers for its closed circuit television (CCTV) storage platform. Synectics is incorporating the 3ware 9650SE 12-port SATA II RAID controller into its 12-drive MDRS Primary Storage Node (PSN). The 12-drive MDRS PSN is a flexible and scalable CCTV storage platform.

The Synectics MDRS PSN is designed to meet a broad range of data retention and video performance needs. Synectics has selected 3ware controllers because of their improved performance and data protection and recovery capabilities.

Martyn Rowe, engineering director at Synectics, elucidates, In addition to its leading performance for streaming media applications, we found 3ware to be the most reliable choice when it came to recovering lost or accidentally deleted data. With 3ware, even if a user removes the wrong drive or makes a power down error, it is pretty easy to recover lost data. However, with many of the other controller brands we tested the array would typically be deemed inoperable and the data unrecoverable.

The Synectics MDRS PSN is designed to record MPEG-encoded video streams from either direct-attached or the network-attached video encoders. The Synectics 12-drive MDRS PSN features a RAID 6 configuration for the protection against dual-drive failure. Using 1TB hard drives, each PSN can scale to 12TB of raw capacity.

Typical installments range from 5 to 25 PSNs, depending on camera count, video retention policy and the recording bit-rate parameters. Synectics’ single customer installation of the PSNs is over 200 storage nodes. UK organizations depending on CCTV solutions from the Synectics cover almost all vertical markets and incorporate Fortnum & Mason, Wakefield District Council and Royal Holloway, University of London.

Ron Macleod, sales director, EMEA at AMCC/3ware, stated, The 3ware 9650SE’s huge capacity potential, sustained data transfer rates and competitive price point make it the ideal RAID controller choice for CCTV applications. The product has been optimised for sequential performance which allows it to effortlessly write multiple high-bandwidth video data streams to either individual hard drives, or to a RAID array, making it a perfect fit for Synectics’ CCTV storage platform.

AMCC is a US-based designer, developer, marketer and supporter of integrated circuit and storage components.

Synectics is a UK-based provider of advanced CCTV systems control, network integration and digital recording solutions for security surveillance applications.