Altera Corporation (Altera) will display its programmable solutions for consumer electronics at 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 8, 2009 to January 11, 2009. These solutions offer designer flexibility, higher integration, lower power consumption, and fast time to market. The devices for display include energy-efficient variable-speed motor control for home appliances based on Cyclone III FPGAs and Alizem motor control IP.

The devices for display also include:

Energy-saving smart home-appliance technology featuring Echelon’s LonWorks Power Line transceiver board and Planetweb’s SpectraWorks graphical user interface using Altera’s Cyclone III FPGA with Nios II embedded processor.

High-definition LCD, 3D display technology from Dynamic Digital Depth USA on Altera’s Arria GX FPGA for easy-to-use and affordable 3D home entertainment.

Avalon ST video framework based on Cyclone III FPGA running over Microtronix’s ViClaro III HD interface board for highly integrated, next-generation HD 1080p displays.

Video processing algorithm running on a Cyclone III FPGA with RTL conversion by Synfora PICO Extreme tools for displays, digital TVs and other broadcast applications.

Multi-touch, power-efficient interface for portable devices for simplified development, easily customizable to touch-screen size using a MAX IIZ CPLD.

PWM for lighting, sound and motion control using a MAX IIZ CPLD on a SLS Mantra board for portable devices.

Mobile, full QWERTY keyboard scanner using MAX IIZ CPLD.

Mobile resistive multi-touch screen from Stantum for portable devices. Small form factor, lowest power, scalable with MAX IIZ CPLD.

Digital touch development board from Wintech using MAX IIZ CPLDs for portable devices.