Wimalasurendra’s two 26 MW Francis turbines and New Laxapana’s two 52 MW Pelton turbines will be equipped with new governing systems, control systems and regulation and brushless excitors. The Pelton turbines will be equipped with new hooped runners and their power output increased to 57 MW.

The operations will be carried out during very short outage periods. Any delays would affect national grid reliability, particularly at the New Laxapana power station, which plays a key role in frequency regulation and power supply during peak demand periods, particularly in the monsoon season.

“Alstom supplied equipment for the original construction of these plants in 1965 and 1972 and this latest contract follows a partial generator refurbishment in 2003. The refurbishment of the Francis and Pelton turbines and the increased output of the runners demonstrate Alstom’s capability to provide a total range of hydro turbines as well as the capacity to offer improved product performances, such as the hooped Pelton,” said Philippe Cochet.

Alstom Hydro has installed 60% of the country’s existing hydropower plants and 80% of its state-owned thermal plants. Sri Lanka has an installed power capacity of approximately 2400 MW, half of which is made up by hydro power. The Sri Lankan government is promoting the further development of hydro power to meet surging demand and as a way of regulating the electricity grid.