Alstom will deliver a main inlet valve weighing 120t and measuring 1.7m in diameter to the Linthal hydropower plant located 90km from Zurich, Switzerland.


The company will also deliver two other main inlet valves and four pump-turbine wheels that were developed, designed and manufactured at the Grenoble facility in France.

According to Alstom, the main inlet valves can resist the pressure from a 1,050m waterfall.

The company said that the tests have also been performed at its Grenoble workshops to guarantee that the equipment, which features a variable-speed system, is fully waterproof.

Alstom further said that the Linthal power plant has the capacity to adapt, virtually in real time (within about one minute), to the needs of the grid according to consumption.

During low demand period, the variable-speed pumping system would be able to fill a reserve tank to store unused water, while in periods of high demand, the system will quickly put the turbine back in use in order to generate electricity to supply the grid.

Scheduled to be commissioned in 2015, the power plant will generate 1,000MW of electricity enough to supply the needs of 150,000 households.

Image: Alstom’s main inlet valve for Linthal hydropower project in Switzerland. Photo: courtesy of Alstom