The Anta substation is expected to help in pooling and evacuating the power flow from three major power plants in the state, including Kalisindh, Kawai and Chhabra, to the national grid.

Alstom T&D India had developed the Anta substation as part of a contract signed in September 2011.

The €52m contract involved the deployment of 3x500MVA, 765/400kV transformers, 765kV reactors, and other 765kV equipment.

RVPN has set up the Anta substation under the transmission system augmentation scheme, aimed at addressing the growing energy demand in the state.

Alstom India & South Asia country president Rathin Basu said: "The successful commissioning of the 765 kV Anta project is a major testimony in building Rajasthan’s HV and EHV grid.

"Despite challenging weather conditions, the Alstom and RVPN team commissioned the prestigious project in time to initiate power flow between Anta and Phagi substations.

"We look forward to building future HV and EHV substations to strengthen Rajasthan’s electrical grid, including potential large scale induction of renewable power."

Rajasthan currently has an installed capacity of more than 5,000MW, and over 3,000MW is under construction.

Image: Rajasthan currently has an installed capacity of more than 5,000MW. Photo: Courtesy of ALSTOM 2014.