Alstom has won a Euro 135 million order from Chinese industrial group Dong Fang to supply four of its 1000 MW-Class steam turbine-generator packages for the conventional island of a new nuclear power plant to be built at Hong Yan He, in Liaoning province, northern China.

The order comes after China Nuclear Power Engineering Co (CNPEC), a subsidiary of Chinese utility China Guangdong Nuclear Power Co (CGNPC) and Dong Fang, signed an agreement for the design, manufacturing and supply of the steam turbine-generator packages, which comprise an “Arabelle” steam turbine, a 4-pole turbo generator, a condenser and moisture separator reheaters. The model selected for this “Generation 2.5” PWR nuclear power plant is based on the one currently being installed for the Ling Ao 2 extension project, under a contract signed in May 2005.