Electric equipment supplier Alstom Grid Turkey has secured a contract valued at about EUR35m with power generation firm Public Enterprise- Electric Power Industry of Serbia (PE EPS) to supply a generator step-up transformer for Tent-B Nikola Tesla Power Plant 1 in Serbia.

The contract also calls for supervision, spare parts and transportation of the transformer, while the project is set to commission in August 2014.

Alstom Grid Turkey will install the oil-immersed, 725 MVA 410/21 kV step-up transformer at the exit of the plant to transform the electricity to higher voltage levels and send it through transmission lines to the grid.

Alstom Grid Turkey Power Transformers unit managing director Hakan Karadogan said, "This will be the first transformer produced by Alstom in the Gebze factory to be delivered to Serbia."

The Nikola Tesla power plant generates about 20TWh of capacity per year.