Queensland’s regional energy distributor Ergon Energy has awarded a contract to Alstom to supply demand response management system (DRMS).

Alstom is scheduled to manage the project from its offices in Sydney, Australia, while the software engineering work will be done from its facilities in the US.

The system will be commissioned by the end of 2015 and it will help Ergon Energy in managing electricity demand as well as help defer capital investment in network infrastructure.

Based on Alstom’s e-terraDRBizNet technology, the DRMS integrates residential, commercial and industrial demand response programs as well as device technologies.

Ergon Energy will use the DRMS solution to reduce electricity consumption for incentivizing consumers at times of high prices or peak demand.

As part of the contract, Alstom will host the e-terraDRBizNet system remotely in the cloud to allow faster delivery and provide more efficient support and maintenance of the DRMS platform for Ergon Energy.

The scope of the contract also includes implementation of customer workshops and training onsite with Ergon Energy.

Alstom’s e-terraDRBizNet is also supporting New Zealand’s national transmission network operator Transpower to manage demand side management programs.

The system has been designed for use from small pilot deployments, such as handling new, initial automated demand response programs, to large industrial-grade DRMS needs including efficiently calling on a large complex portfolio of energy resources in a bid to meet demand.

Capable of estimating available load limitation capacity, the DRMS was used with the capability to send signals for automatic load control to aggregators or directly to devices to help optimize electricity usage.