Russian diamond mining company Alrosa recently recovered a 145.44 carats diamond at its processing plant #14 at the Aikhal mining and concentration mill in Sakha Republic, Russia.

The Aikhal mining and processing division comprises of subdivisions such as the Komsomolskaya and Jubilee open-pit mines, the Aikhal underground mine, mine transport depot and processing plants Nos. #8 and #14.

The diamond, measuring 35.0 x 20.0 x 26.0mm, was extracted from beneath the Yubileynaya Diamond Pipe.

According to the estimates of Alrosa’s Diamond Sorting Center, the diamond may be valued at $1m.

The diamond is a transparent crystal in the shape of an octahedron and displays a yellow hue.

"There are small graphite-sulfide inclusions in its periphery. A production induced scuff is seen on one of its peaks and one of its facets has a shallow crack," the company said in a statement.

Alrosa improved diamond safety through technological arrangements, thereby minimizing the number of affected gems.