Allegheny Power, a unit of Allegheny Energy, Inc., customers in Pennsylvania now have the option to enroll in a new voluntary wind energy program. As per the program, any customer has the option to pay an additional charge for the purchase of wind energy credits. These credits can be purchased for $2.50 per block, which is in blocks of 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh). These additional costs will support the operations and development of existing and future wind energy projects.

Besides supporting the wind energy, a portion of the supplemental charge will benefit the West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund, which promotes clean energy technologies throughout the region.

“We’re committed to environmental stewardship, and we realize our customers are interested in renewable energy,” Allegheny Energy, Inc. Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Paul J. Evanson, said. “Our Pennsylvania customers now have the opportunity to take an active role in supporting the development of electricity from a clean, renewable source.”

Allegheny Power along with Community Energy, Inc., will implement and market the program.