The new proprietary carbon dioxide (CO2) capture, purification and compression system, developed by Airproducts, is operational at the Vattenfall AB's research and development facility in Schwarze Pumpe, Germany.

The installation is part of a three demonstration project, which will involve in purification and compression of oxyfuel combustion flue gas from Vattenfall’s 30MW wall-fired boiler at the plant.

It will purify and compress the carbon dioxide to a purity acceptable for storage or enhanced oil recovery.

Air Products’ proprietary sour compression technology uses a staged compression process to optimize pressure, hold-up, and residence time to allow removal of impurities during the compression process.

The cost effective process minimizes the concentration of acidic components preventing corrosion during the CO2 storage process.

This pilot will demonstrate the efficient purification of CO2 and removal of atmospheric gases, in particular oxygen.

The project will incorporate novel membrane technology, targeting carbon capture rates as high as 98%.