The final agenda has been released for International Water Power & Dam Construction's forthcoming conference, Small Hydro 2009.

To be held 28-29 April, the conference features key industry figures who will tackle the most topical and technical aspects of small hydro power production.

Paper presentations will look at case studies from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, while new technological developments and improved methodologies will be analysed in depth for the benefit of delegates.

Careful analysis of existing plant, along with probing discussion on how uprating and refurbishment is carried out at small schemes, will also highlight expanding business opportunities for the future.

Expert speakers at Small Hydro 2009 include:

• Steve Davis, President, Independent Power Producers of British Columbia (IPPBC), Canada

• Bernhard Pelikan, President, esha, Belgium

• Carlos Velasquez, Director, CELAPEH, Colombia

• Ron Monk, Sector Leader, Energy, Industrial and Mining, Kerr Wood Leidal Associates, Canada

• James Gordon, Hydropower Consultant, Canada

• Ing Armando Trelles Jasso, Hydraulic Specialist, Instituto Mexicano de Tecnologia del Agua, Mexico

• Dr Geraldo Lucio Tiago Filho, Executive Secretary, CERPCH, Brazil

• Anand Pradhan, Hydropower Specialist, Clean Energy Development Bank Limited, Nepal

• Quoc Nghia Trinh, Research Manager, SINTEF, Norway

• Arash Barjasteh, Head of Geology Group, Dam & Power Plant Development, KWPA, Iran

• Hasan Hamah-Ameen, Director of Hydropower & Renewable Energy, Ministry of Electricity, Kurdistan Regional Government, Iraq

To view the full agenda, please visit the conference website at: 2009.