Bids are invited by 28 November 2006 for the rehabilitation of the Khanabad irrigation scheme, with work to include construction supervision, technical assistance and design of a hydro plant.

Khanabad irrigation scheme is situated on the Khanabad river 30km east of Kunduz city, north Afghanistan. The project comprises a barrage on the river and two main lined canals on the left and right banks of the river. The main purpose of the project is to rehabilitate the scheme for which construction was 80 % completed in 1979, but was never put into operation.

The following services are required in support of the works for the scheme rehabilitation:

* Lot 1: construction supervision of the works for: rehabilitation of the civil and mechanical works of the barrage; rehabilitation of lined main and unlined secondary irrigation canals with their control structures; rehabilitation of Spinzar canal intake, lining and control structures; river training works. The works will be divided into lots. The number of lots may be 6 or less.

* Lot 2: institutional development and social water management: analysis of present water management and users participation; set up of 13 water user groups, two water users associations, coordination body, representation in the river basin council, and development of organisations’ internal regulations; operational rules for the barrage, its two main canals and 13 sub-canals; gradual introduction of service fees aiming at full cost recovery in the distant future; recommendations for proper O and M procedures. All these activities will have to be implemented in full collaboration with other such intervention in the region under the KRBP.

* Lot 3: feasibility study, tender design, assistance in tender evaluation, (under the present contract) construction supervision (as an option for a follow-up contract) of a 10.5MW hydro power plant on the left bank main canal including: forebay, intake, three penstocks with a discharge capacity of 23m_/sec each, power canal, power house to accommodate three generating units of 3.5MW each, tailrace channel of 190m, switchyard, 28km of 110kV transmission line, local distribution lines.

The environmental impact assessment of the Khanabad irrigation scheme has concluded that if there are rare fish species in the river, and depending on the interpretation by the competent authorities on the size of the project, a full environmental impact assessment of the project may be required.

Applications must be submitted in English to: European Commission Delegation to Afghanistan, House 2, Street 1, East Wazir Akbar Khan, Kabul, Afghanistan.