The Association of Electricity Producers has suggested that, based on government figures, the UK electricity sector has made the most significant contribution to reducing UK CO2 emissions since 1990, with the majority of other sectors experiencing either rising or stable emission levels.

According to a statement from the Association of Electricity Producers (AEP), the electricity sector’s share in CO2 emissions in Britain in 1990 was 34.4%; this had fallen to 30.5% by 2005. At the same time, total CO2 emissions for the sector also fell by 15.5%. This trend is set against a 26% rise in electricity consumption since 1990, showing that increasing use of electricity does not necessarily lead to more CO2 emissions.

The association said that emission reductions resulted from efficiency gains and growing use of gas and renewables as fuels.

However, the AEP has warned that sustained progress on the issue requires the maintenance of a strong EU Emission Trading Scheme with clear policies and targets for the future. The association’s chief executive, David Porter, will make this point to the House of Common’s Environmental Audit Committee in an EU ETS discussion session on November 28, 2006.