Alternative Energy Partners (AEGY), a subsidiary of Shovon and developer of hardware technology to design web-based, internet remote controllers for monitoring and controlling power electrical devices, plans to develop new energy management control tool for the hospitality industry.

The new energy management tool will allow users to access and monitor energy usage at multiple facilities, view relevant events or statuses online, drilling down to the individual appliance level from anywhere in the world by using a PC or cell phone.

The tool will be designed to specifically cater to the needs of the hotel industry, allowing the hotel management to turn on and set the lighting and temperature setting of the rooms from the front desk before guests’ arrival to provide premium service, while saving energy.

The US hotels, which spend close to $4bn on energy every year, can save the nation $745m per year by reducing their energy use by 10%, according to a report from the US Environmental Protection Association.

Shovon CEO Jules Karim said that the Shovon industrial energy management controller is customizable, and the company looks forward to collaborating directly with individual hotel chains to create the right system for them.