Energy technology and power electronics firm AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) has secured an order to supply its power supply system for a hybrid power generation plant in Germany.

As per the order, AEG PS will deliver its Thyrobox H2 system for use in the hydrogen electrolyzer with a total capacity of 6MW, in a hybrid power generation plant under construction in the North of Germany.

AEG PS chief strategic officer Gladwyn De Vidts said the increase of the renewable energies thus creates the need for energy storage or transformation, and hydrogen and/or methane production are now developing faster and faster as clean energy storage solutions.

"As a technological leader in power solutions and thanks to our experience in supplying complex high power applications, we’ve been able to create a system adapted to this specific process. It opens a brand new market for us in renewables and is very promising," Vidts said.

Hybrid power plants are capable of storing energy and re-injecting it into the grid or transforming it into gas on demand, AEG PS said.

An electrolysis process in the power plant converts the energy into hydrogen, and Thyrobox H2 supports the production of the hydrogen.

The produced hydrogen will be transformed into methane gas by the Sabatier process.

The water-cooled rectifier at the plant will be used for high dynamic response, high precision, efficiency, reliable power delivery to the electrolyzer with maximum power factor at its input.