Acciona Energia and Tuto Energy have signed an energy sale contract to expand the Puerto Libertad solar project in Mexico by 50% to 339 MWp (270 MW rated capacity).

The plant's expansion is expected to take place in last trimester of 2017 and it could be operational in the first trimester of 2019.

The power generated from the solar plant will be transmitted to a major Mexican industrial group, Acciona noted.

  • The initial phase of the project, for 227 MWp, has already been allocated to the CFE (Federal Electricity Commission) after the award made in the second energy auction held in September 2016

Acciona Energia will build the project and provide the engineering, procurement and construction services.

When completed, the overall project is expected to produce enough energy to power 489,000 Mexican homes, while offsetting 776,000 metric tons of CO2.

Acciona Energia Mexico director Miguel Ángel Alonso said: “We are very pleased with this agreement, which gives the Puerto Libertad project the right dimension.

“It will be the biggest photovoltaic plant in Mexico, from where we will generate electricity to cover already-committed public and private consumption.”

Biofields Group (parent company of Tuto Energy) CEO Roberto Giesemann said: “This initiative represents a major step forward in the consolidation of our subsidiary Tuto Energy. We will continue working to position it as one of the key companies in the renewables sector in Mexico. 

“The Biofields Group will continue with its commitment to develop and invest in projects that contribute to the sustainability of our group and our country.”


Image: Acciona, Tuto Energy to expand Mexican solar plant by 50%. Photo: Courtesy of Acciona, S.A.