Switzerland-based automation and power firm ABB has won an order from LS Industrial Systems (LSIS) to deliver a utility communications solution, which will serve seven electricity distribution control centers in Iraq.

As per the deal, ABB will deliver a communications system, which will transmit data from 428 distribution substations and 150 maintenance centers in the grid to seven regional control centers.

The system will feature broadband wireless radios to carry both data and voice transmissions, over distances in excess of 50km to support the identification, isolation and resolution of faults.

ABB said wireless communication is well-suited to challenging terrains and built-up areas.

The project is part of an infrastructure improvement initiative currently being carried out by the Ministry of Electricity in Iraq.

Under the project, the ministry intends to set up a dependable power network to support economic and social development in Iraq.

ABB Network Management business unit head Jens Birgersson said the establishment of an effective communications system is key to the reliability and efficiency of the grid.

"The breadth of our portfolio and expertise in smart grid technologies enables us to provide a multicomponent system from a single source," Birgersson added.