Swiss-based power and automation technology group ABB has developed Trolleybus Optimisation Système Alimentation - TOSA – which will be utilized to power high-capacity flash charging electric bus system.

The company has partnered with Geneva’s public transport company (TGP), the Office for the Promotion of Industries and Technologies (OPI) and the Geneva power utility SIG on the TOSA electric bus system pilot project.

Commenting on the development, ABB acting chief technology officer Claes Rytoft said that the company is able to pilot a new generation of electric buses, through flash charging.

"This project will pave the way for switching to more flexible, cost-effective, public transport infrastructure while reducing pollution and noise," added Rytoft.

TOSA, a zero-carbon-emission solution, uses electricity that is generated from clean hydro power and can charge the electric buses in 15 seconds with a 400KW boost.

This system uses a laser-controlled moving arm, which connects to an overhead receptacle for charging at bus shelters, instead of the usual trolley poles to overhead lines.

Meanwhile, the pilot project runs between Geneva airport and the city’s international exhibition center, Palexpo.