A-Power Energy Generation Systems has secured $8.97m advance payment from Thailand's Biomass Electricity to develop a 150MW biomass-fueled power plant in the Prachinburi province of Thailand.

The advance payment is 10% of the total equipment value in the contract.

A-Power and Biomass Electricity signed the contract for this power plant in December 2009, for the design of the biomass power station, procurement and installation of three main engines and other auxiliary equipment and contracting of five main power station systems.

The total contract value includes fees related to design and installation and expenses related to procurement and sub-contracting with third-party vendors and construction companies.

Biomass Electricity plans to make an advance payment for power plant construction and equipment installation in a short time.

A-Power, through its China-based operating subsidiaries, is a provider of distributed power generation systems in China and a manufacturer of alternative power generation systems.