REpower 5M prototype, inaugurated by Germany's environment minister, heralds new heights in the growth of wind

The first of Repower’s 5M wind turbines, at 5 MW the world’s largest, has been inaugurated by the German Minister for the Environment, Jürgen Trittin. The euro 6 million turbine stands 186 m high with a rotor diameter of 126 m.

In another piece of good news for REpower, Talisman Energy, co-ordinator of the EU-supported ‘DOWNVInD’ demonstrator project planned for a 44 m deep site 25 km off the coast of Scotland, has proposed to the European Commission that two of the 5M turbines be used for the project. The turbines are to be installed in mid-2006. The final contracts are expected to be finalised in the new few weeks.

In addition, a cooperation agreement was concluded between REpower and BARD Engineering to implement the BARD Offshore I project in the German part of the North Sea. Planning permission is expected next year.