New relationship to optimize oil and gas operations using advanced analytics

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New relationship to optimize oil and gas operations using advanced analytics. (Credit: Pete Linforth from Pixabay)

Hibernia Resources, an acquisition and development company focused on the exploration, growth and production of oil and natural gas assets, and NarrativeWave, a software-as-a-service Internet of Things company, announced a two-year agreement for Hibernia to use NarrativeWave’s software in their oil and gas operations. Hibernia will use NarrativeWave’s software to optimize production and detect anomalies in the operation of their oil and gas wells.

“We chose NarrativeWave for its ability to pull in real time data and enable us to use their builders to customize equations and analytics for our operational needs,” said Miles Walker, VP of Production for Hibernia. “We also see the platform being used for other applications in our business beyond the optimizing of our gas lift wells.”
“We are excited and committed to the client relationship with Hibernia Resources,” said Benjamin Decio, CEO of NarrativeWave. “With today’s market conditions, the role of analytics and decision automation becomes even more critical as NarrativeWave helps our clients like Hibernia to maximize the value of their existing assets and promote more efficient operations. NarrativeWave rapidly enables Hibernia to leverage its own data to optimize performance and cost savings during this crucial time in the Oil & Gas industry.”

Source: Company Press Release