Meyer Burger signs rental agreement for the buildings of the former solar cell manufacturer Sovello with areas of 27,000 square meters in Bitterfeld-Wolfen (Saxony-Anhalt)


Meyer Burger secures new locations to build PV cells and modules in Germany. (Credit: Pixabay /Bruno/Germany)

Following the successful capital increase, Meyer Burger is working flat out to implement the new business model as a provider of technologically leading solar cells Made in Europe. The approval of the creditors’ meeting of Solarworld Industries GmbH for the sale of the buildings and production facilities in Freiberg and the building in Bitterfeld-Wolfen enables Meyer Burger Meyer to convert the existing infrastructure and to set up its latest production machines to manufacture highly efficient solar cells with the proprietary heterojunction technology. In addition, Meyer Burger will acquire an existing logistics and distribution centre at the same location. The use of existing infrastructure helps to save resources.

In addition, the lease agreement for the buildings in Bitterfeld-Wolfen takes effect immediately. From 2021, the highly efficient cells will be processed into SmartWire modules here.

Source: Company Press Release