Maxwell Technologies, a developer and manufacturer of energy storage and power delivery solutions, has launched two new highly scalable products to provide reliable, fast responding, long lifetime storage in grids and microgrids.

Having deployed over 65 million ultracapacitors globally with more than eight million in grid applications, these ready-to-integrate products address the growing need for power-intense grid services, and feature advanced utility grade control and communications to facilitate integration at the transmission, distribution substation and commercial/industrial level.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, energy generation by intermittent solar and wind will more than double over the next five years. With this rapid influx of renewable energy comes instability and increased power and frequency deviances in the grid, potentially resulting in service disruption.

Combined with a global decline in traditional generation sources including fossil-based energy, energy storage resources must respond faster, cycle more frequently, and support grid ancillary services to ensure grid stability and resiliency.

Maxwell’s new Grid Cell Pack and Grid Energy Storage System inject and absorb power in cycle timeframes, and are designed to stabilize voltage and frequency, firm renewable power output, provide bridging and ramping services, and improve generator response.

These products can be deployed as stand-alone energy storage systems or in combination with other energy storage assets to improve project business cases, including stacked functionality and extension of battery life to lower capital expense, operating expense and lifetime cost.

The systems are designed to be utilized in greenfield storage projects as well as support existing deployed storage systems.

Maxwell Technologies energy storage vice president and general manager Thibault Kassir said: “Leveraging a utility-driven design perspective, these scalable products represent a breakthrough for our customers to deliver reliable, safe, and long lifetime storage performance in grids and microgrids.

“Our ultracapacitor systems increase the flexibility and value of storage projects to improve benefit to cost ratios.

“With more than three million hours of cell qualification and lifetime testing, industry-leading lifetime prediction capability and grid system dynamic modeling, Maxwell is ready to support our electric utility customers’ obligation to serve.”

Source: Company Press Release