The projects located in Ninh Thuan province are set to be one of the largest solar-wind hybrid projects in Vietnam


Image: The project transmits power to the national grid through the 220kV Thap Cham transformer substation. Photo: Courtesy of Erich Westendarp from Pixabay.

China solar module manufacturer JinkoSolar has announced the supply of 258MW monocrystalline PERC double glass modules for Trung Nam Group in Vietnam.

The modules have been installed at one of the largest solar-wind hybrid projects in Vietnam.

The solar-wind hybrid project located in Ninh Thuan Province has recently saw the phase 1 completion, combining 258MW of solar power and 90MW of wind-turbine power.

Trung Nam Group CEO Nguyen Tam Tien said: “Due to increasing population density and competition for available land, space is at a premium and the high humidity requires highly efficient and durable solar panels.

“The ultra-high performance and reliability of JinkoSolar’s double glass 380W panels are perfectly suited for the environment and will help drive growth in Vietnam’s solar industry. JinkoSolar’s modules not only have more power but are also resistant to humidity, which are both very crucial considerations for large-scale solar deployment in Vietnam.”

The hybrid energy project is capable of generating one billion kWh of electricity.

Covering approximately 157% of the total electricity demand of Ninh Thuan Province, the project transmits power to the national grid through the 220kV Thap Cham transformer substation located in Thuan Bac district.

JinkoSolar chief executive officer Kangping Chen said: “This massive project is a leading example of how renewable energy is the future of Vietnam’s long-term strategy to meet its energy demands.

“New technologies driving the development of high efficiency PV products have created huge incentives to develop Vietnam’s renewable energy sector, making this an opportune time to move ahead with a project of this scale and impact in Vietnam.”

JinkoSolar has seven production facilities globally

Employing more than 12,000 employees, JinkoSolar has seven production facilities globally, 15 oversea subsidiaries.

In August 2018, the company signed an agreement with POWERCHINA Huadong Engineering, to supply 240MW PV modules for the second phase of 420MW Dau Tieng solar plant in Vietnam, which is set to become one of the largest solar power projects in Southeast Asia when completed.