Netherlands-based marine contractor Heerema Marine Contractors has installed the Yaxche-C jacket and topside for Pemex in the Bay of Campeche.

The company has used its deepwater construction vessel (DCV), Balder, to carry out the operation that was awarded by Cotemar.

Balder arrived at the Bay of Campeche for the Yaxche-C installation and commenced work on 8 August, and completed the Yaxche-C jacket and topside installation on August 15.

Heerema added: “Balder has been operating for forty-two years now, making it Heerema’s most experienced vessel. The multi-functional DCV will remain in the Gulf of Mexico for more upcoming installation work.”

Previously, Pemex selected a consortium comprising Cotemar, Hoc Offshore (Arendal), and Construcciones Mecanicas Monclova (Commsa) to provide the engineering, procurement, construction, and installation contract for the Yaxche-C platform.

Cotemar has manufactured the jacket and platform in Tampico, Mexico.

According to Heerema, the jacket weighed 700 metric tonnes, the four skirt piles 125 metric tonnes each, and the topside 850 metric tonnes.

Yaxche-C platform installation is Heerema first project for Cotemar

Furthermore, the contract is said to be the company’s first project awarded by Cotemar.

Heerema said: “This project is Heerema’s first for Cotemar, and it was executed safely with no incidents and on schedule as a result of excellent collaboration between the parties.”

In April this year, Heerema has secured a contract to manufacture the pre-piling template for the Greater Changhua offshore wind projects in Taiwan.

The offshore wind projects are comprised of four sites in the Taiwan Strait, located 35km to 60km off coast Changhua County.