GE continues its commitment to delivering solutions that are profitable for power producers in a competitive energy marketplace.


Image: The upgrade is expected to help SCPPA’s Magnolia plant in improving its ramp rate. Photo courtesy of Ralf Vetterle from Pixabay.

GE announced that it has received an order for the 7F DLN2.6+ Flex upgrade solution from Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) for Magnolia Power Plant.

The Magnolia Power Plant is located in Burbank, California, US, and is operated by Burbank Water and Power (BWP). The power plant serves the cities of Anaheim, Burbank, Cerritos, Colton, Glendale and Pasadena.

GE’s 7F DLN2.6+ Flex upgrade solution would boost operational flexibility of Magnolia plant

The upgrade is expected to help SCPPA’s Magnolia plant in improving its ramp rate and increase its operational flexibility, to respond faster to the frequent shifts in grid demand due to renewable power fluctuations.

GE said that Flex solution is an upgrade within its suite of offerings for 7F gas turbines and leverages its advanced DLN 2.6+ combustor and combining it with Axial Fuel Staging (AFS) technology.

The Axial Fuel Staging Combustor along with additive manufactured components represents a milestone in the global power generation industry and confirms its commitment to extend its technology, already deployed on 7HA, 7EA, 9E and 9HA.02 turbine fleets.

GE Power Services H/F-Class turbines business general manager Amit Kulkarni said: “I’m very excited to introduce the advantages expected at SCPPA’s Magnolia plant to 7F operators today. We’re honored to help SCPPA increase its plant flexibility, providing opportunities to potentially burn less fuel and reduce emissions.

“Ultimately, these benefits will help Magnolia be more cost-effective to meet the needs of the local communities it serves and support their renewables targets. This flexibility package will help GE’s global 7F fleet operators, especially those in high renewable penetration regions like North America and Latin America, and high gas price regions like Asia.”

GE claims that its 7F DLN2.6+ Flex upgrade solution normally reduces minimum load fuel burn by up to 25%. An average 7F power block is enabled to save more than $1m (£823,800) in annual fuel savings.