GE Distributed Power said that it has launched the improved version of its Waukesha 275GL+ lean-burn gas engines in the form of the 275GL+ with ESM2.


Image: GE has launched the next generation of the Waukesha 275GL+ Gas Engine with ESM2. Photo: courtesy of General Electric.

With a current lead time of less than 20 weeks, this new generation provides a high-performance and economical alternative for customers in the oil and gas midstream industry with compression needs for gathering, processing and transportation applications.

The announcement was made at GMRC’s (Gas Machinery Research Council) Gas Machinery Conference, being held Sept. 30-Oct. 3 in Kansas City.

Waukesha 275GL+ gas engines are offered in a 16-cylinder model, rated at 5,000 bhp, and a 12-cylinder model, rated at 3,750 bhp. This latest generation of the 275GL+ represents a significant enhancement for the largest Waukesha gas compression engine platform.

GE Distributed Power business product management general manager Andreas Lippert said: “We focused our priorities on improving fuel flexibility, altitude capability and lowering NOx emissions for this latest generation of the Waukesha 275GL+ gas engine family.

“A low compression ratio piston design coupled with larger turbochargers and the latest ESM2 engine controller for Waukesha gas engines were instrumental in getting us these improvements.”

The latest 275GL+ engine achieves 0.3 g/bhp (140 mg/Nm3) NOx emissions levels while maintaining flexibility to offer full power up to 1,550 Btu/scf (58 MJ/ Nm3) and at altitudes up to 6,000 ft (1,829 m).

The 275GL+ now also comes with ESM2, the next-generation Waukesha gas engine controller and full-color touchscreen customer interface HMI panel available in 12-, 15- or 19-inch screens.

The advanced control system allows users to see all engine parameters, trend data, monitor faults, view operating manuals, walk through troubleshooting steps, display alarms and set shutdown criteria, and simplify startup and commissioning—all without the need for a separate laptop computer.

ESM2 also helps enhance performance by improving ignition timing based on fuel quality to increase power, fuel flexibility and altitude capability.

In addition, ESM2 incorporates GE’s myPlant Asset Performance Management solution that enables operators and service providers to remotely monitor equipment health, diagnose faults and to proactively manage asset performance.

Lippert added: “With the midstream industry experiencing rising costs and long lead times on critical equipment, finding cost-effective ways to gather, process and move as much gas as possible in a timely manner to meet our customers’ investment return criteria is critical.”

Key features of the new Waukesha 275GL+ gas engine with ESM2 include:

12-cylinder 275GL+, 3,750 hp at 1,000 rpm, 16-cylinder 275GL+, 5,000 hp at 1,000 rpm.

Improved fuel flexibility with no derate to 1,550 BTU/scf.

Capability to run on a broad range of fuels from 550 Btu/scf to 2,300 Btu/scf.

Emissions as low as 0.3 g/bhp-hr NOx and improved altitude capability.

Upgraded engine controls with latest ESM2 controller for Waukesha gas engines.

The new generation of the Waukesha 275GL+ gas engine with ESM2 will be available for quoting in early 2019.

Source: Company Press Release