The Kumbarilla Central 1 (KC1) well reached TD of 1020m


Galilee Energy has provide an update on ATP 2043 drilling programme. (Credit: drpepperscott230 from Pixabay)

Galilee Energy provide an update on its 100% owned Kumbarilla (ATP 2043) drilling programme in the Surat Basin.

The Kumbarilla Central 1 (KC1) well reached TD of 1020m at 8pm on 13 April 2020. The complete Walloon Subgroup was intersected with coal confirmed in each of the three primary targets in line with prognosis, i.e. the Upper Juandah, Lower Juandah and the Taroom. Coal seams have consistently displayed excellent qualities including strong gas shows upon penetration, bright vitrinite banding and pervasive internal fracturing.

Wireline evaluation logs are currently being interpreted to calculate total net coal and other key reservoir properties within the coal bearing section. An initial evaluation of the logs indicates a net coal of approximately 25m, which is above the pre-drill expectations. Twenty high quality coal samples have been collected and placed into gas desorption cannisters to determine gas content, gas composition and gas saturation levels.

Following the completion of logging and testing, the in-well evaluation program will be complete, and an update will be provided to the market in the coming days. The rig will then move on to the Kumbarilla Central 2 (KC2) well location.

The Kumbarilla Project hosts 504 PJ of independently certified 2C Contingent Resources which can be readily fast-tracked to market through its proximity to existing coal seam gas production infrastructure (<10 km).

Source: Company Press Release