California-based transporter of refined petroleum products, Fuel Delivery Services (FDS) has selected Neste’s MY Renewable Diesel to power its fleet of trucks.


FDS provides transportation services seven days a week, 365 days a year to a variety of clients, from small jobbers to major oil companies.

FDS performed a test of Neste MY Renewable Diesel in 20 of their trucks beginning in last March, using more than 100,000 gallons of the fuel.

These vehicles experienced an overall increase in fuel economy, less maintenance of their emissions systems and an increase in engine power, reports FDS president David B. Atwater. After the test, the company is looking to switch its entire fleet of trucks to renewable diesel at all of their locations.

Atwater said: “It was an easy decision for us to switch to this cleaner burning fuel because we didn’t have to make any additional investments or modifications to our equipment. Beyond the performance benefits, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint and significantly reduced the emissions from our vehicles which benefits both our drivers and the communities we work in.”

Neste US sales vice president Jeremy Baines said: “We are very pleased with this decision from Fuel Delivery Services. The results achieved in their trial are a verification that Neste MY Renewable Diesel offers even better engine performance than petroleum diesel yet requires less system maintenance and produces less environmental impact. We are confident that they will keep seeing positive results for their drivers and their community.”

Atwater said: “We feel that Neste MY Renewable Diesel is the diesel of the future. We made the switch and hope others do too. It’s good for all of us in California.”

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a premium-quality diesel that’s manufactured entirely from renewable and sustainable raw materials, including wastes and residues from animal and fish fat, as well as used cooking oils and vegetable oils.

As a result, it’s significantly better for the environment than petroleum diesel, yet has the same chemical composition, meaning it delivers the same excellent performance and can be implemented in any diesel-powered vehicle without any change in infrastructure. Neste NY Renewable Diesel meets all ASTM D975 and state and federal diesel specifications.

Van De Pol Petroleum, headquartered in Stockton, California, is the exclusive distributor of Neste MY Renewable Diesel to FDS.

Source: Company Press Release