Fluence, a water and wastewater solutions provider, has signed a contract with ITEST for the supply of its Aspiral Smart Packaged wastewater treatment plants.


Image: Fluence to supply wastewater treatment plants to ITEST in China. Photo: Courtesy of Business Wire.

Fluence stated that these treatment plants will be installed along the highway system under ITEST’s scope. ITEST is responsible for the engineering consultancy and supervision of the highway system in central China, including management of its wastewater treatment requirements.

In last July, Fluence sold Aspiral 200 m3/day Smart Packaged wastewater treatment plant for a highway service area to ITEST. The unit is claimed to have been shipped, delivered and installed within six weeks.

As the previous project was successfully executed, ITEST has once again selected Fluence’s Aspiral for the wastewater treatment needs of other highway systems.

As per the latest agreement, Fluence expects to supply nearly 80 Smart Packaged wastewater treatment plants comprised of Aspiral units in the coming 18 months.

In accordance with the China Highway Construction Standards, every 50km of highway requires a service area, which has an estimated treatment capacity of 200-600 m3/day of influent flow of wastewater.

Under the agreement, ITEST, to maintain the exclusivity, needs to promote and implement a minimum volume of 66,000 m3/day to be delivered over the next three years with annual minimum targets.

The first implementation under the partnership is expected to be booked and delivered before this year end.

Fluence managing director and CEO Henry Charrabé said: “As our strategy in China starts to ramp up and deliver as we anticipated, we are pleased to be working with a confident and forward-thinking partner such as ITEST.

“This first large volume commitment to order Aspiral is further evidence that our systems are an ideal technology for the stringent requirements of Chinese rural wastewater treatment, and we will continue to target this market with this and other partners across the country, for various applications.”

Employing over 300 professionals, Fluence has operations in over 70 countries worldwide. With established operations in North America, South America, the Middle East and Europe, the company is also expanding into China’s rural wastewater treatment market.