The 17.5kW system at the Bamberger Ranch consists of 50 Enphase microinverters and 50 Mission Solar MSE Mono 72 solar modules


Image: The solar panels on satellite dish mounts at Bamberger Ranchs in the US. Photo: courtesy of Enphase Energy, Inc.

Enphase Energy, a global energy technology company and the supplier of solar microinverters, announced that the Company worked with IES Texas Solar and Mission Solar to donate a solar energy system to the Margaret Bamberger Research and Education Center at the Bamberger Ranch in Blanco County, Texas.

The 17.5 kW system at the Bamberger Ranch consists of 50 Enphase microinverters and 50 Mission Solar MSE Mono 72 solar modules and is expected to offset the power needs of the recently completed Margaret Bamberger Research and Education Center. Designed and installed by IES Texas Solar, the donated system received a custom mounting system atop four repurposed satellite dish tripods already on the ranch property. The Enphase Enlighten™ cloud-based monitoring platform allows students and researchers who spend time at the Center to see the solar system’s energy production and status on a display kiosk installed inside the building.

“I want to express gratitude on behalf of everyone who now benefits from this one-of-a-kind solar system for our Research and Education Center,” said Colleen Gardner, executive director at Bamberger Ranch Preserve. “Our mission is to educate and inspire schoolchildren about ethical land stewardship, and I know Margaret would have been beyond proud to know we’ve made the Center named in her honor that much more sustainable with solar. IES Texas Solar, Mission Solar, and Enphase Energy have had a tremendous impact here, and this solar system is a lasting testament to their ingenuity and generosity.”

“I was delighted to get a first-hand look at how the team at the Bamberger Ranch uses the Enphase Enlighten system on a large screen to teach the many students that visit the Center about energy generation and conservation,” said JD Dillon, vice president of marketing at Enphase Energy. “During the Center’s dedication ceremony, Mr. Bamberger offered a moving description of how the ranch exposes the next generation of leaders in Texas to insights about ecology and environmental preservation. I am proud that Enphase was able to help turn his vision into reality.”

“In keeping with the reduce-reuse-recycle culture at the Bamberger Ranch, we accepted the challenge to reuse the four legacy satellite dish tripods already on the site as mounts for this system,” said Brandon Rickett, solar manager at IES Texas Solar. “The decommissioned tripods provide an ideal mounting solution for this solar array since the original application was rated to withstand some of the most severe wind conditions. We are very pleased with the results because the system is structurally strong and beautiful to look at.”

“As the only solar module manufacturer in Texas, we were delighted to support such a worthy cause right in our home state,” said Jae Yang, president and chief executive officer at Mission Solar Energy. “The mission of the Bamberger Ranch is very much aligned with our mission to improve and preserve precious ecosystems by installing clean, reliable solar energy.”

Named in honor of the late Margaret Bamberger, the Margaret Bamberger Research and Education Center is a one-of-a-kind research and education building and a model of conservation and the latest innovations in green design. The Center features a museum-quality collection of artifacts that document the region’s biodiversity as well as a classroom and laboratories where scientists and students can work and learn.


Source: Company Press Release