National Grid customers in Massachusetts can now sign-up to save on electricity costs while supporting local solar power


Image: Con Edison accepting enrollments for new community solar program. Photo: Courtesy of StockSnap/Pixabay.

National Grid residential and small business customers located in Northampton, Massachusetts and elsewhere in Massachusetts, can now enroll in a community solar program with Con Edison Solutions. Once enrolled, subscribers receive a monthly credit from National Grid on their electricity bill for their share of the solar energy produced by the community solar installation. Subscribers then pay a lesser amount to Con Edison Solutions for their solar subscription, providing the customer with a net monthly discount on their electricity costs. The concept of community solar was initiated with the Massachusetts Green Communities Act and more fully developed under the recent Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target, or SMART, program.

Community solar is a centrally-located solar facility that allows individuals and businesses within a defined geographic area to save on electricity while supporting green, sustainable solar energy. Community solar programs provide the environmental benefits of multiple onsite solar energy systems without requiring participants in the program to invest in a solar installation or make any changes to their residence or commercial building. Community solar is an excellent solution for renters who want to take advantage of solar energy as well as for building owners and homeowners with roofs not suited for solar.

Con Edison Solutions, one of the Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses, is the developer, owner, and operator of a new 4.3MW solar installation on a site in Northampton Massachusetts, transforming unused land into a solar facility that will support the community’s environmental goals while saving money for subscribers. In addition, Con Edison Solutions has planted trees at the site and donated more than 20 acres of land for preservation in its natural state.

“Con Edison Solutions is committed to bringing renewable energy to Massachusetts and to offering those who may not be able to consider solar, like renters, the opportunity to support the development of solar power,” said Lorena Tavlarios, Managing Director at Con Edison Solutions. “This community solar program will provide participants with the satisfaction of positively contributing to the environment in their community while saving money on their electricity.”

Enrollment is easy and creates savings every month with no impact on electricity service to the home or business.

Source: Company Press Release