Owned by APA Group, the Orbost gas processing plant is being commissioned to process gas from Cooper’s Sole gas field offshore Victoria


The Orbost gas processing plant will process gas from the Sole gas field offshore Australia. (Credit: Pixabay/gloriaurban4)

Cooper Energy has announced the restart of commissioning work at the Orbost gas processing plant in Victoria, Australia.

The gas plant, which owned by APA Group, is being commissioned to process gas from the Cooper Energy’s Sole gas field offshore Victoria.

Located in water depths ranging between 120m and 130m in the Gippsland Basin, the Sole gas field lies 65km away from the Orbost gas processing plant.

Till date, nearly 0.8 petajoules of gas from Sole field has been processed and supplied into the Eastern Gas Pipeline.

APA and Cooper Energy worked closely on improving plant performance

Cooper Energy said it worked with APA to improve plant performance to the level required for the completion of the commissioning.

According to Cooper Energy, this work included a shutdown of the gas plant from 9 May 2020 to permit inspection, conduct maintenance as well as complete minor modifications within the sulphur recovery unit.

Cooper Energy, in a statement, said: “The shutdown work programme was completed in full and plant operations resumed on 20 May 2020.

“Ongoing commissioning plans are to achieve a progressive, sustained increase in output rates whilst maintaining stable plant operation.

“It is intended this be achieved gradually through a series of step changes whereby production rates are increased, then maintained whilst plant operation is monitored and assessed prior to proceeding to the next increment, with the ultimate target being 68 terajoules per day (TJ/day).”

The Sole gas field will have the capacity to produce 25 petajoules (PJ) per annum gross over eight years.

In March 2020, Cooper Energy announced the start of gas flow from the Sole gas field.

The gas flow was intended to use for commissioning the Orbost Gas plant’s raw gas processing facilities.