Clean Energy Technologies, a designer and producer of energy efficient products with its magnetic turbine heat recovery generator, has entered into an agreement to cross promote its products with Biomass Power (BPL), a designer, builder and operator of Biomass waste to energy power stations.

The agreement calls for BPL and Clean Energy Technologies to refer customers and promote and solicit orders for their products. BPL has incorporated CETY’s Clean Cycle II Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) heat recovery generator into its waste to energy power plants.

CETY’s management estimates that between one to four Clean Cycle II ORC heat recovery generators will be used in each family of BPL-TEC Stepped Grate Gasification plants built by BPL, which delivers gross power outputs ranging from 140 – 560 kWe.

The Clean Cycle II ORC heat recovery generator will be used to create electricity from hot water that has been produced by thermally processing (via advanced gasification) non-recyclable ‘end of waste’ organics (biomass) and plastic’s.

CETY CEO Kam Mahdi said: “We look forward to working with BPL to cross promote our products.  We are honored that BPL, a globally-recognized and market-leader in the design of gasification-based waste to energy power stations, has decided to integrate our Clean Cycle II ORC heat recovery generators into its solutions.

“Through our partnership with BPL, CETY will provide a low maintenance, highly efficient ORC system utilizing our patented magnetic turbine generator that is easy to deploy and simple to maintain.  We believe that the association will be very beneficial for the long-term growth of our company.”

Biomass Power CEO Ben Talbott said: “Having seen the market for environmentally friendly small scalable waste from energy solutions grow exponentially, BPL is pleased to work with Clean Energy Technologies and integrate their product line into our Stepped Grate Gasification solution for waste to energy plants.

“We expect that our new relationship will enable us to better serve our clients’ needs for electricity by efficiently producing medium temperature hot water from processing one of the worlds increasing problems, waste, as a clean fuel.”

According to a report by Expert Market Research, global biomass power reached a production volume of 440TWh in 2016 and is further expected to reach 963TWh by 2022, an increase of approximately 118% in 6 years.

Global Market Insights reports the waste to energy market size was $20.86bn in 2015 of which thermal based waste to energy technology occupied a significant percentage of the market, which may surpass $29bn by 2023.

Source: Company Press Release