Clarke Energy has been appointed as distributor and service provider of Tecno Project Industriale's (TPI's), biogas upgrading units


Clarke Energy will serve as distributor and service provider of TPI's biogas upgrading units. (Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

Clarke Energy, a KOHLER Company, is expanding its product offering to include biogas upgrading plants supplied by the SIAD Group Company TPI of Italy. TPI is able to provide both membrane-based and amine technology. The membrane plants incorporate membranes able to deliver high performance in terms of methane recovery and energy consumption. As such TPI has appointed Clarke Energy as a distributor and service provider of their biogas upgrading units.

Biogas upgrading technology strips the carbon dioxide out of biogas to create biomethane, a renewable form of methane (a “green gas”) and originates from the processing of waste materials. The resultant biomethane can be injected into the national gas grid or used as a sustainable fuel for vehicles.

The TPI product range is of high quality and engineering, developed out of their extensive experience in the handling and processing of gases for industrial customers across the world. TPI has built many biogas upgrading projects globally and is one of the key technology providers to the sector.

Didier Lartigue, the Managing Director of French subsidiary of Clarke Energy explains, “This partnership is strategic for Clarke Energy for the development of his biomethane activity and the choice of TPI is crucial for the product and service quality of Clarke Energy’s solutions.”

The agreement which initially focuses on  France with Clarke Energy being able to also supply TPI’s biogas upgrading plants into the United Kingdom, United States of America, India and Ireland.

Clarke Energy has already sold several biogas upgrading systems in France with TPIs product being incorporated into recent projects.

Source: Company Press Release