Canadian vanadium redox flow batteries maker CellCube Energy Storage Systems has signed sales agreement with Bettenergy Company in Thailand for the development of microgrid and solar plus storage applications.


Image: CellCube signs energy storage deal in Thailand. Photo: Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash.

Bettenergy, with headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, is a leading solution provider for renewable powered energy projects ranging from rural community microgrids to power distributed energy resource projects for the private sector. The company develops and markets projects throughout Thailand that help mitigate renewable intermittency from standalone photovoltaics deployment. Bettenergy provides solutions for overcoming power supply problems from public grids in rural and commercial and industrial segments.

“We are very proud and honoured to be authorized by CellCube as their sole sales partner in Thailand. CellCube is the leading supplier of vanadium redox flow energy storage systems with the most proven and advanced technology with over 130 installations globally. We are confident, that with support from CellCube, we will rapidly grow our business and be a trusted solution of choice for the Thailand energy Industry,” said Supaporn Saengtrakulcharoen, Director of Bettenergy.

“We are delighted to start working hand-in-hand with Bettenergy in their development of sustainable renewable energy projects,” states Stefan Schauss, President of CellCube. “CellCube energy storage flow technology provides the dominant solution for long-duration storage allowing 4 to 16 hours of stored energy and will substantially help to build additional resiliency in local power grids. CellCube’s products match the long-lasting product life time of renewable generation assets and can provide up to a 30 year supply of stored energy without any degradation in storage capacity.”

CellCube has signed an exclusivity agreement to collaborate will Bettenenergy in Thailand. Bettenergy will directly buy the CellCube energy storage system at a set supply price per project. The contract is for 12 months and can be extended based on performance.

Source: Company Press Release