CellCube Storage Systems has completed the acquisition of acquisition of Hillcroft Consulting.

Hillcroft designs temporary and mobile power products that are used on industrial and construction sites for shut-downs, turnarounds and large-scale construction demolition. Companies need a variety of power products that are safe, durable, versatile, easy to use and ready for hazardous (classified) locations or non-hazardous environments. Hillcroft has recognized customers’ needs for temporary power products and has developed expertise in designing and manufacturing such products that accomplish the job in a safe and secure manner.

The Hillcroft acquisition complements CellCube’s current group of companies including Enerox (Enerox) and EnerCube Switchgear Systems (EnerCube) (formerly Jet Power and Controls). Hillcroft is currently working with EnerCube and Enerox to construct a self-contained emergency power plant that requires no generator or fuel to power up to 100 homes in case of disasters or emergency requirements. These units can be transported quickly where and when required for sale or lease.

With its recent acquisitions, CellCube can now serve as a single source of supply for all the equipment required for most energy storage and electrical power solutions around the world.

CellCube president & CEO Brian Stecyk said: “The synergy among the growing CellCube group of companies and relationships will in the short and long-term ensure the ability to provide comprehensive energy storage and support solutions throughout the world. New mandated energy storage capacity in North America will significantly help with market penetration in this rapidly developing market.

“We receive queries about our energy storage products on almost a daily basis. It is obvious the world is awakening to the energy storage technology that Enerox has pioneered.”

The acquisition of Hillcroft, under which EnerCube (acquired by CellCube press release June 7, 18) is acquiring all of the issued and outstanding common shares of Hillcroft (822,921 common shares in total) at an average price of $0.365 per common share.

Name Change

Hillcroft will change its name to PowerHaz Energy Mobile Solutions (PowerHaz) to better reflect its business.

EnerCube president & CEO Brian Ricker said: “EnerCube and PowerHaz will continue to service their existing and new clients across Western Canada and elsewhere with the highest customer service levels out of their head office which remains in Edmonton, Alberta.”

Source: Company Press Release